Profile of Directors

Board of Directors

Mr. Zia Zakaria

Mr. Zia Zakaria is the Director with over 25 years of Industrial experience Specially in Sugar and Allied Industries.

Mr. Noor Mohammad Zakaria.

Mr. Noor Mohammad Zakaria is the Director with over 44 years of diversified Trading and Industrial experience in Sugar and Allied Industries.

Mr. Muhammad Salim Ayoob

Mr. Muhammad Salim Ayoob possesses over 35 years of experience in MDF manufacturing and alternative energy. He received his technical training from Sunds Defibrator AB (Valmet) of Sweden and from Khon Kaen MDF Co. Ltd. of Thailand. He is experienced in all the technical and commercial aspects of MDF production and alternate energy generation.

During his tenure, he has led the successful acquisition and installation of two Mende thin-board lines and the 6.5 MWp solar park. He has also jointly led the successful setup of the LIR division, which now includes 6 lamination and impregnation lines.

Mr. Asad Ahmed Mohiuddin

Mr. Asad Ahmed Mohiuddin completed his Bachelors of Engineering degree from the Florida Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering in 2011and has dedicated his time on material sciences with the Al-Noor MDF Board Division with a special focus on process optimization. This has included but not limited to reduction of raw material consumption along with production and quality enhancements to cater to the ever changing landscape of the Pakistani market.

Ms. Munifa Ayoob

Ms. Munifa completed her MSc in Sustainable Development University of London, SOAS, International Programmes during 2018. Following fields were included during her post-graduate degree.

• Ethics for Environments and Development.
• Economics and Institutions for Development.
• Understanding sustainable Development.
• Climate change an Development.
• Project Planning and Development.
• Management in Rural Development.
• Managing Knowledge and Communication Development. Thesis included "Opportunities of using Biomass Waste as sustainable resource of energy in the province of Sindh Pakistan.

Mr. Farrukh Yaseen (Independent Director)

Mr. Farrukh Yaseen is currently working as a section manager equity trading and senior investment analyst at NITL since February 2006. He has a MBA (Finance) from Hamdard Institute of Management Science Hamdard University Karachi and Specialization in Islamic Banking & Finance.

Mr. Khurram Aftab (Independent Director)

Mr. Khurram Aftab presently the Fund Manager for the Fixed Income Funds at NIT and has over ten years of diversified experience with both Commercial Bank and Asset Management Companies. Having worked as a Money Dealer at the Treasury Department for Commercial Banks. He has gained rich knowledge and exposure in Money Markets and Fixed Income Securities. Prior to joining NIT he was Fund Manager at Atlas Asset Management for the Income Funds. He holds MBA degree with a Major in Finance.

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